Zuckerberg’s Backhoe

November 11th, 2011 § permalink

I often wonder to what extent Social Networks think of their users as crops, to be fertilized, watered and only much later to be cut off at the root and sold at market.

On Keg Stands and Hope

November 10th, 2011 § permalink

There is this really blissful point in everyone’s life when they realize that their High School photos no longer show up in Google Images.

The Litigator’s Faulty Cable Modem

August 29th, 2011 § permalink

Never say anything on the Internet that you wouldn’t want your parol officer seeing.

Zuckerberg’s Productivity Law

August 10th, 2011 § permalink

The world would be a much different place if we applied to the real world the same creativity we apply to Facebook pictures.

Router Rule #2

August 9th, 2011 § permalink

Some people would spend all day sitting in a bathroom if it had wifi.

Myspace’s Missing Angle

August 9th, 2011 § permalink

An honest man is one who looks like the person in his profile picture.

On Focus

July 15th, 2011 § permalink

We all want a constant stream of interesting things to attend to.

Zuckerberg’s Tripod

May 11th, 2011 § permalink

There are three sides to any story: yours, mine and Facebook’s.

Zuckerberg’s Hidden Truth

March 18th, 2011 § permalink

Odd, as it turns out people are much more complicated than their Facebook profiles.

Zuckerberg’s Question

February 16th, 2011 § permalink

I wonder when Facebook will apply for status as an independent nation.

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March 11th, 2011

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